We understand coffee lovers and once you have discovered the elegant indulgence of our

coffee bags you may not wish to compromise. It is reassuring therefore to know that you can

have a reserve of your favourite coffee. The canny will want to invest in the 50, 100 or 300 case

option; all holding individually wrapped coffee bags. You may wish to share them, I’m not sure I



Refill pouch - 50

For those who have acquired a penchant for our luxury coffee bags this pouch of 50 should

ensure you won’t be caught short in times when a shot of coffee is required.


Refill Pouch – 100

When a pouch of 50 isn’t enough or you have friends that like to share your indulgence, our 100

sachet pouch will ensure your coffee stash lasts a little longer.


Case – 300

For those people that have a serious relationship with coffee, you can put your feet up and

relax in the knowledge that you will not be running out of your favourite coffee any time soon.