The Little Coffee Bag Co are committed to giving back 10% of our profits to communities in Africa to help build schools and shelters for young people.


I am now also working with Wolverhampton Grammar School and Bridgnorth Endowed School acting as a mentor supporting business-savvy students with their own coffee-selling enterprise.


Wolverhampton Grammar school hosts a biannual four-week trip to Uganda for sixth-form students, to help build schools, muck in with kitchen work, and so on. This year the students returned with two kilos of green coffee beans bought locally in Uganda from a man named Godfrey. That’s when the idea for a student-run venture named Godfrey’s Coffee was born


The Taste of Tanzania, launched by Bridgnorth Endowed School using coffee beans from Tanzania has pledged their profits to providing nutritious meals for school children in Tanzania.


Supporting the project, the schools have ensured that every aspect of running a business has been covered, with students splitting off into marketing, finance and forecast teams, among others.


The Little Coffee Bag Co has provided the coffee bags and called in the skill and expertise of our roaster and co-packer to further strengthen the student enterprise. With all this in place, the students are now in a better position to market and sell their coffee with all profits being sent back to Uganda and Tanzania.