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Coffee is a no-brainer Christmas gift. It's the most popular beverage in the world, with around 2 billion cups drank every day; so let's get right into our Christmas Coffee Bag Gifting Guide for 2022.

Why The Little Coffee Bag Co?

Our individually wrapped coffee bags are made of 100% Arabica coffee, and beautifully presented in recyclable, foil-embossed packaging. They provide a cafetière style coffee made for one, without the mess and fuss.


We have a blend for everyone - our most popular being Blend No. 1.

Blend No. 1 - Signature

Our Signature blend is a hit among pretty-much all coffee drinkers. It's strong, and it has the perfect balance between fruity acidity and chocolatey sweetness. 

Blend No. 2 - Decaffeinated

This is actually a single-origin coffee from the mountainsides of Peru. This high-altitude produces a rich, creamy flavour of walnuts and cocoa, with a soft acidity. Perfect for those who can't consume caffeine, or as a delicious bedtime drink.

Blend No. 3 - Organic

Blend No. 3 is a subtle yet flavoursome blend, perfect for people who prefer black coffee. Flavour notes include milk chocolate, toasted nut, and subtle plum to finish.


We offer a range of gifts for you to choose from, based on quantity, blend and price range.

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