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When do you usually drink coffee?

a) First thing in the morning to kickstart my day.

b) Throughout the day, whenever I need a pick-me-up.

c) I prefer to enjoy coffee as an afternoon treat.

d) I love coffee, but I avoid it in the evening to ensure a good night's sleep.


How do you like your coffee?

a) Black, no sugar or milk.

b) With a splash of milk and a little sugar.

c) I enjoy flavoured coffee with syrups or spices.

d) I prefer decaf or herbal teas.


What's your favourite coffee shop environment?

a) A cosy cafe with a good book.

b) A busy coffeehouse with friends.

c) A trendy spot with unique coffee concoctions.

d) A quiet, serene setting with soothing music.


What's your go-to coffee snack?

a) A plain croissant or muffin.

b) A sweet pastry or donut.

c) A sandwich or salad to balance the coffee.

d) I usually just have coffee, no snacks.


What's your attitude toward caffeine?

a) I need a strong dose of caffeine to function.

b) I enjoy caffeine, but I'm not dependent on it.

c) I like a mild caffeine boost from time to time.

d) I try to limit my caffeine intake.


If coffee weren't available, what beverage would you choose?

a) I can't imagine life without coffee!

b) Tea or an energy drink would be my backup.

c) I'd explore unique non-coffee options.

d) I'd stick with water or herbal tea.


What word describes your coffee-drinking style?

a) Necessity

b) Enjoyment

c) Adventure

d) Moderation


What's your favourite coffee-related quote?

a) "Life begins after coffee."

b) "Coffee is my love language."

c) "Adventure in every cup."

d) "Less caffeine, more calm."


Now, tally up your answers:

Mostly A's: You're a Coffee Enthusiast! You appreciate the pure, unadulterated joy of coffee and enjoy it as a daily necessity. Your perfect coffee match is our Signature Blend.

Mostly B's: You're a Social Sipper! Coffee is a pleasant part of your day, often enjoyed in the company of friends or colleagues. Your perfect coffee match is our Signature Blend.

Mostly C's: You're a Coffee Explorer! You love trying new coffee experiences and are open to various flavours. Your perfect coffee match is our Organic Blend.

Mostly D's: You're a Coffee Minimalist! While you appreciate coffee, you prefer to keep it simple and in moderation. Your perfect coffee match is our Decaffeinated Blend.

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