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You pull up to your pitch and take a deep breath as you head to the boot of your car to hunt down the tent that’s hidden amongst the food, sleeping bags and extra footwear. Finding it, you tackle the polyester beast and come out triumphant! Now, that moment you’ve been waiting for since you left the driveway… Coffee time!

But this trip is different. No longer do you have to lug that heavy jar of coffee around or clean that sticky spoon. Why? Because you’ve discovered the best way to make coffee while camping—coffee bags.

But what is a coffee bag and why are they the ultimate camping coffee? Let’s take a look at the advantages of using coffee bags for you camping trip.


What is a Coffee Bag?

A coffee bag is basically like a tea bag, but with coffee inside.

The coffee bags here at The Little Coffee Bag Co are individual bags filled with 10g of oven-roasted ground Arabica. The origin of our coffee beans are carefully chosen to ensure sustainability whilst our state of the art roasting methods ensure consistency.

We offer three different blends as well!

Signature: Rich and full bodied with a fruity medium acidity. Good sweetness with notes of blackberries in the aroma and mellow chocolate hints throughout.

Decaffeinated: Soft and creamy with rich walnut and cocoa notes.

Organic: Smooth and creamy with notes of milk chocolate, toasted nut and subtle plum.

Find out more here.


How Do You Use a Coffee Bag?

Coffee bags are used just like teabags. Simply pop a bag into a mug, top it up with hot water, ensuring the bag is saturated, then leave to brew before removing the bag and adding milk and sugar to suit your taste.

The ease of a coffee bag is just one reason why coffee bags are the ultimate camping solution for any coffeeholic.


Let’s delve deeper into the pros of coffee bags while camping.


What are the Advantages?

They’re Quick and Easy

Making a cup of coffee with a coffee bag couldn’t be simpler. As we mentioned above, all you need to do is drop a bag into a mug, top it up with hot water, and then leave it to brew to your taste. Which leads us nicely to our next point…


Brew to Your Taste

Another great benefit of coffee bags is the ability to brew to your taste. The longer you leave it, the stronger the coffee. A 3–4-minute steep should result in a strong, rich coffee, while a 1–2-minute brew will give you a subtler tasting coffee.


They Taste Great

The Little Coffee Bag Co coffee bags are rich in flavour, designed to produce a cafetière style coffee for one, without the need for anything more than boiling water.

Our coffee bags, which are available in three different blends, contain 10g of oven-roasted ground Arabica coffee. Each of our blends have been created with real dedication to quality and flavour.


They Take up Less Space

Space is scarce when it comes to camping, so any way to pack lighter or more convenient is a blessing. Another big advantage of the coffee bag—No need to lug that glass jar around or pack your instant coffee into Tupperware—Our coffee bags come packed in individual, slim sachets that slip into your luggage without taking up too much room.


They Make Less Mess

No granule spillages or sticky teaspoons when you’re using coffee bags on your camping trip. All coffee is packed away into little bags of flavour so there’s no need to worry about accidental knocks or missing the mug with your pre-loaded teaspoon.


They’re Recyclable

We aim to make our processes as sustainable as possible. That's why our product packaging is 100% recyclable or biodegradable.

All our outer packaging is recyclable and our coffee bag itself is made from bioweb, which is biodegradable. After use simply discard of the bag in a food waste bin or composter.


In conclusion, coffee bags have got to be the ultimate camping coffee. There are just too many benefits to packing these convenient little bags of joy. From their great taste to their space saving ability, they are a win for any camping coffee lover!

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