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A cup of black coffee has barely any calories in it, it’s what we add to it that starts to rack up the number. Cutting out things like sugar, syrups and creams and switching out the whole milk will be a huge benefit to you and reaching your goal. 


Black Coffee – 1kcal per 100g

Black coffee with 0 sugar has very few calories in it. 100g of instant coffee has approximately 1-6 calories, depending on the brand. So, if you can tolerate a plain coffee to get that hit of caffeine, happy days! Alternatively, if you’ve got a sweet tooth, you can always sweeten the coffee with some 0 calorie sweetener tablets.


White Coffee – 11kcal per 100g

A white coffee with a splash of either skimmed or coconut milk will add up to around 11kcal.

When trying to lose weight, a really good way of saving on calories is switching out the whole and semi-skimmed milk for an alternative.


Iced Americano – 11kcal per 100g

Prefer a cold coffee? The Iced Americano might be the way to go. A classic black coffee served over ice with barely any calories in it.


Espresso Coffee – 19kcal per 100g

A solo espresso from Starbucks is just 5 calories. But if you don’t have the time or money to go and spend on a Starbucks, why not try a homemade espresso with our little coffee bags?


How to:

Add one of our little coffee bags to a mug along with 30ml of hot water, brew for 2-3 minutes before removing the bag with a squeeze.


Latte – 30kcal per 100g

Smooth and creamy… You can’t go wrong with a latte. Again, opt for either skimmed or coconut milk to keep that calorie count down, and if you need to satisfy that sweet tooth, replace the sugar with a 0-calorie sweetener.


Flat White – 33kcal per 100g

If you prefer something rich and velvety then a flat white might quench your thirst. Just remember to keep that calorie count down with a less calorific milk and sweeteners in place of sugar.


The Health Benefits of Coffee

As well as coffee being full of antioxidants which helps prevent cells from being oxidised from toxins, chemicals and inflammation, it also has other great benefits that could help with your weight loss journey. One of the main benefits is that coffee contains vitamin B which can boost your metabolic rate which may impact how much fat you burn while exercising and at rest. Caffeine has also been found to increase energy levels, increasing productivity and performance.
If you’re interested in delving deeper into the health benefits of coffee, check out our ‘Bags of Health’ blog for more information.


In conclusion:

Where you can, replace the sugar with sweeteners, switch out the whole and semi-skimmed milk, and take note of sizes – smaller coffees don’t always mean less calories.
It’s also important to treat yourself occasionally. If you’re doing well, treat yourself to that Frappuccino or say yes to the cream!
Top tip: Carry 0 calorie sweetener tablets with you.

Please note: A standard coffee mug holds around 250-300ml and calories may vary slightly depending on which brands you use, or which coffee shops you go to.




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