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Do coffee bags go out of date?

Yes, coffee bags do go out of date. Typically, they will have a ‘best before’ or ‘use by’ date printed on the packaging.

All our coffee bags here at The Little Coffee Bag Co have their ‘best before’ date printed on the sachets and boxes. Most of our coffee has a life of over a year.

Coffee doesn’t usually go bad over time, but it can lose its flavour and aroma, which is why we provide a ‘best before’ date on all our coffee.


Can coffee bags be recycled?

Whether coffee bags are recyclable or not depends on the material they are made from. Some coffee bags may be made from things like paper and biodegradable materials. Other coffee bags may be made from less recyclable materials. The best thing to do is check the packaging for details.

Here at The Little Coffee Bag Co, we are very mindful of our planet and our responsibility. Which is why all our coffee bags are biodegradable and all our packaging is recyclable.


What are coffee bags made of?

Coffee bags are made from a variety of materials. To check exactly what a brands coffee bags are made form, it’s best to check the packaging or visit their website for more information. If no information is available, you can always contact them directly.

The coffee bags here at The Little Coffee Bag Co are made of something called BioWeb, which is woven plant-based material. This material biodegrades naturally in domestic compost.


Are coffee bags healthy?

Coffee offers many health benefits, but the healthiness of coffee bags depends on the type of coffee the bag contains and if any additives or flavours have been added.

We’ve taken a more in-depth look into the health benefits of coffee over on our blog. Discover the benefits of coffee bags here.


How do you use a coffee bag?

Coffee bags are used just like teabags. Simply pop a bag into a mug, top it up with hot water (ensuring the bag is saturated) then leave to brew for 2-3 minutes before removing the bag and adding milk and sugar to suit your taste.


Where can I buy coffee bags?

As coffee bags are becoming more popular, there are many places to purchase coffee bags online and in-store. Obviously, not all coffee bags are going to taste the same due to each company creating their own blends. But if you’re interested in making the switch from instant to bag, why not try one of our taster boxes?


Are coffee bags better than instant coffee?

In our opinion, yes. Not only do coffee bags produce a stronger, more aromatic coffee, but there are many more advantages to them. Check out our Are Coffee Bags a Better Alternative to Instant Coffee? blog for more information.


How do coffee bags work?

Coffee bags work the same way that tea bags do. Once the coffee bag is steeped in hot water, the ground coffee inside the bag starts to infuse the water. The longer you brew, the stronger the coffee.


How many uses can you get out of a single coffee bag?

Coffee bags are single use only. You cannot use the same coffee bag for more than one cup of coffee.


Are coffee bags like teabags?

Coffee bags are essentially tea bags but with coffee inside. You store and use them the same way you would a tea bag.








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